Monday, September 5, 2016

Stylish Village In The Park Studio Apartments

There are six major building blocks of apartment clusters sprawled across a wide swath of land from the corner of Valley Lake Drive and Roselle Road in the northern part to the boundary of Golf Road and Valley Lake Drive in the southern part of magnificent Village in the Park Apartments. A clubhouse and sales center offices are located near the lake.

The Studio Apartment Home of the stylish Village in the Park Studio Apartments have a minimum of 500 sq ft of living space and under this apartment model are the Lexus Studio with a monthly rental rate of $945 and the Whitney Studio with a rental rate of $940.

The Lexus stylish Village in the Park Studio Apartments has its entrance by the kitchen. A foyer is in between the kitchen and the dressing room adjacent to the bathroom. At the corner of the foyer and the dining area, as part of the step saver kitchen is a breakfast bar. And just contiguous to the breakfast bar is the dining table with chairs.

The open space Lexus has the living, dining and sleeping area all placed in one 21.4 x 15.6 feet of space, or almost 334 sq ft, leaving about 166 sq ft for the kitchen, the foyer, the dressing room and the bathroom. But the smart thing about the Lexus stylish Village in the Park Studio Apartment is the neat and nice arrangement of the living, sleeping and dining furniture and fixtures.

Large closets for storage and wardrobe are found beside the bedroom and inside the dressing room beside the bathroom.

In the Whitney stylish Village in the Park Studio Apartments, the design could be an attraction to women. The entrance and foyer is at the living area in front of the large closet. The walk-in closet is adjacent to the bathroom. Except for the closets and bathroom that have doors, the rest is an open area that includes the living, sleeping, dining and kitchen areas.

The bed and its accessories are at the south end corner of the entire studio in front of the kitchen but separated by a foyer-like space. The kitchen is separated by a wall, back-to-back with the bathroom, while the living area furniture and fixtures are at the north end of the studio room.

Inside the kitchen area of the Whitney stylish Village in the Park Studio Apartments are the microwave oven, dishwasher and garbage disposal. The total area of the combined living, sleeping dining and kitchen space is 12.2 x 23.10 feet or nearly 282 sq ft. The rest of the 218 sq ft are covered by the large walk-in closet, the bathroom and part of the foyer. You can visit site :